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Welcome to The Weekend Fox!

Weekends are the best. Filling them with adventures, little getaways, great escapes, hot dates, and lots of wine is kinda my thing. And The Weekend Fox is here to create a community for all that the weekend lifestyle offers. Every weekend has a beginning, middle, and end (even if your weekend doesn’t fall on the traditional Friday – Sunday). So let’s fill those weekends with fun stories, inspiring ideas, and the best suggestions for the following weekend!

Oh, and hey! I’m Katherine.

Last name, Fox (does it make sense now?). And no, I didn’t take my husband’s last name (but I don’t love him any less!). I’m a fourth generation Floridian and adore my coastal town. As much as I love being home, I love traveling our big, beautiful world, even more. I graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) in my early 20’s, and had no clue what I wanted to do. So for the past five years, I’ve been working the Monday through Friday grind and cherishing my weekends. I love that Friday feeling, after a long week in the office, knowing the adventure that the weekend holds. I started The Weekend Fox as a passion project filled with my favorite things – traveling, fashion, marriage, and of course, the weekend lifestyle.

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This guy, though.

I’m married to my best friend. I know it sounds so cliché, but this guy compliments me in the best ways. We joke that I’m the balloon and he’s the little rock on the end of the string that keeps me grounded. He’s along for the ride with all of my wildest dreams, and pushes me to go outside of my comfort zone. Our weekends are filled with everything from trips across the country to a good Netflix binge on the couch. We love our wine, we adore our theme park dates, and you can catch us at the movies almost every week. We live for our weekends, and hope to inspire others to get out and live more.

Check out travel guides, the best (and worst) experiences, updates on the greatest weekend spots, and everything in between. 

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