8 Quotes To Live By From The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman Quotes, The Greatest Showman, Movie Quotes, Quotes to Live By, Life Lessons from Greatest Showman, Greatest Showman Memorable Moments, P.T. Barnum, Quotes, #GreatestShowman #ZacEfron #HughJackman #Zendaya
The Greatest Showman, Quotes, Greatest Showman Movie, Movie Quotes, Inspiration, #MovieQuotes #GreatestShowman, #HughJackman, #ZacEfron, #Zendaya

Greatest Showman Movie, Quotes, The Greatest Showman, Movie Quotes, Inspiration, #MovieQuotes, #GreatestShowman, #HughJackman, #ZacEfron, #Zendaya

The Greatest Showman, Greatest Showman Quotes, P.T. Barnum, Movie Quotes, Words to Live By, #TheGreatestShowman #MovieQuotes #HughJackman #PTBarnum

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The Greatest Showman Quotes, The Greatest Showman, Movie Quotes, Quotes to Live By, Life Lessons from Greatest Showman, Greatest Showman Memorable Moments, P.T. Barnum, Quotes, #GreatestShowman #ZacEfron #HughJackman #Zendaya>

First things first, I’m a movie lover, not a movie critic. I go to the movies because I love entertainment. It’s pretty rare for me to leave the theater thinking I wasted two hours of my time. I love the way movies can whisk you away to another world and forget about the one you live in, just for a little bit. Movies allow me to dream and leave me inspired. Is anyone with me on this? The Greatest Showman quotes totally inspired me, and in turn, my first viral blog post was born.

The Greatest Showman Movie

Seeing Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya in the movie trailers for The Greatest Showman had me giddy with excitement wanting to go see this musical film. When I finally got to the theater a few days after Christmas, I had goosebumps, wanted to clap (like, right in the middle of the movie), and got swept off my feet by the beauty of the film. The music, choreography, story, and life lessons just left me in awe. I really didn’t know much about P.T. Barnum, but they did an incredible job adding the “Hollywood” into the movie and making his story a grand one.

If you need a reminder that you are in this world with talent and purpose that nobody else has, go see The Greatest Showman. If you need to be reminded to take risks, to pursue your passions, or to just dream again, go see The Greatest Showman.

'The noblest art is that of making others happy.' - P.T. BarnumClick To Tweet

The Greatest Showman, Movie Quotes, Quotes to Live By, #ZacEfron #Zendaya


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1. “I Wish For Happiness Like This Forever” – Charity Barnum

I wish for happiness like this forever. Greatest Showman Quotes, Charity Barnum, Greatest Showman #MovieQuotes #InspirationalQuotes #HappinessQuotes

Background: This little quote was at the beginning of the movie right after P.T. Barnum lost his job and returned home to his wife and two daughters. The daughters took turns making wishes on a makeshift gift that P.T. Barnum pulled together for his eldest daughter. When it was Charity’s turn, she simply said, “I wish for happiness likes this forever”. Mind you, she had already left her uber-rich parents to run away with P.T. Barnum, who no longer had a job. But she knew the true meaning of happiness.

Director, Michael Gracey, stated Charity “fell in love with P.T. Barnum’s imagination and that’s one thing money can’t buy”. I think that captures her character perfectly. She’s a rock and voice of reason throughout the entire film.

Happiness is not having all the money in the world, the best job, or the materialistic stuff. Happiness is being surrounded by people you love and seeing happiness in their hearts. Sharing sweet moments, going through the struggles together, and creating happiness within is the ultimate goal. Heyyyyy, this falls right in place with my biggest mistake from 2017!

2. “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” – P.T. Barnum

No one ever made a difference.. // Greatest Showman Quotes, P.T. Barnum

It was as if Mr. Barnum (Hugh Jackman) was speaking to me, directly. No matter what you do in life, be original. Be real. Stop trying to blend in and make a difference in the world by not being like everyone else! Life feels so much more fulfilling when you can be your authentic self.

3. “Comfort, the enemy of progress.” – P.T. Barnum

Comfort, the enemy of progress. Greatest Showman Quotes, Motivation, Movie Quotes, #GreatestShowman #InspirationalQuotes #PTBarnum

Ain’t that the truth! I’ve fallen into the “comfort” box before. You know, when everything is just sweet enough that you don’t want to take any risks or change anything too much because you’re comfortable. In my opinion, that’s a recipe for an unfulfilled life. Don’t settle. Never get too comfortable and always reach for those damn stars.

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4. “A man’s station is only limited by his imagination.” – Jenny Lind

A man's station is only limited by his imagination. #GreatestShowman #InspirationalQuotes

P.T. Barnum may have quoted this in the movie, too, but I remember Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson) toasting this to P.T. Barnum after a successful show among the elite of New York. And it’s so true. Don’t stop dreaming. Let your imagination go wild because you’ll only get as far as your mind lets you.

5. “I am brave. I am bruised. This is who I’m meant to be. This is me.” – ‘This Is Me’ Song Lyric Performed by Lettie (Keala Settle)

I am brave. I am bruised. This is who I'm meant to be. This is me. #GreatestShowman #ThisisMe #MovieSongs #GreatestShowmanQuotes

You know those goosebumps I talked about? With the world we live in, this song lyric was so powerful and beautiful (it also won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song!). The Greatest Showman was truly a “celebration of humanity” and I believe that no one should ever be ashamed of who they are.

Stand up proud. Your scars make you unique and your story is unlike any other. Let the world know that your beautiful soul is one of a kind.

6. “You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people.” – Charity Barnum

You don't need everyone to love you, just a few good people. Greatest Showman Quotes, Charity Barnum, Greatest Showman #MovieQuotes #InspirationalQuotes #LoveQuotes

I couldn’t write this and not include this quote. Mrs. Barnum spoke this wise comment to her husband as he continued to chase self-satisfaction by being praised by others. P.T. kept getting lost in the whirlwind of his new life. He started losing sight on the things that matter, but Charity swoops in again with a quote that should have grounded him.

This delicate quote filled my heart because it hit close to home. Find your tribe and love them hard. Those few good people will be the ones with you until the very end.

'You don't need everyone to love you, just a few good people'. #GreatestShowmanClick To Tweet

7. “When you’re careless with other people, you bring ruin upon yourself.” – Jenny Lind

When you're careless with other people, you bring ruin upon yourself // Greatest Showman Quotes

Instead of spoiling this scene, let’s just talk about the truth behind this statement. If you go through life taking advantage of other people and their feelings, you become the biggest loser. No one is more important than anyone else. Everyone’s time is equally important. Everyone deserves respect. It goes back to the whole, “treat others the way you wish to be treated”.

Be kind and good to one another.

8. “The show must go on.” – P.T. Barnum

The show must go on. Greatest Showman, Movie Quotes #GreatestShowman

Need I say more? 👏👏 👏 These Greatest Showman quotes have stolen my heart. When the show critic stated to P.T. Barnum, “…Putting folks of all kinds on stage with you… all colors, shapes, sizes… presenting them as equals… Why, another critic might have even called it ‘a celebration of humanity’, my heart smiled. The entire movie is a celebration of humanity wrapped up into 106 minutes of entertainment. Whatever stage of life you’re in, remember that the show must go on. Chase after those dreams with all of your soul because the world may not know it yet, but they’re going to love you.

The Greatest Showman, PT Barnum, Movie Quotes

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The Greatest Showman, Quotes, Greatest Showman Movie, Movie Quotes, Inspiration, #MovieQuotes #GreatestShowman, #HughJackman, #ZacEfron, #Zendaya

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    1. Ah, me too! The first time I saw the movie I was like “YES!” It was just slipped into the dialogue so effortlessly, but it has such an impact.

    1. Right?! I’ve seen it three times now and I just keep feeling more and more inspired! I loved Charity’s character and her humbleness.

  1. I’m going to see it this weekend! I can’t wait! I can’t even pick a favorite quote, I love them all so much 🙂

  2. Ahhh I love this so much!! Makes me want to see it again. 🙂 All of these quotes are AMAZING.

    1. I finally got Marc-Andre to go with me today! Still loved it just as much the third time around haha. Can’t wait to have it on DVD

  3. This movie is seriously one the best movies I have ever seen. I am continuously encouraging other people to go watch it, and I think I’m going to go see it again this weekend, maybe. Sure, it definitely sends a message that we’ve already seen or read before somewhere else, but it presents it in such a unique way, I personally think it’s more relatable. I love the quotes you picked from the movie – especially the one about happiness and the one from This is Me! Ah – I could seriously go on and on and on about how amazing this movie is!

    1. I saw it again today! It’s truly a little masterpiece in my mind. All of the music and lyrics just tugged at my heart and leave me with such inspiration. So glad you feel the same way about this movie. 🙂

  4. I love this movie so much!! The script is a goldmine of inspirational and motivational quotes! My favorite one was “Comfort, the enemy of progress.” Simple. Straight to the point. All True.

    Awesome post! 😀

    1. Yeah that quote really got my heart too! I was like “my word that’s so true! But why must it be?? Lol why can’t progress be comfortable?!?” Lol hahahahaha But it’s true, get too comfortable and have no progress. So it’s a motto to live by!

      1. Hahah I totally get what you’re saying! Maybe we get lazy when we’re too comfortable. 😉 But the movie is truly filled with soooo much to love. I think I could have half a dozen different posts about The Greatest Showman haha

      2. Lexie, I don’t know why but you’re other comment isn’t showing up on here and I’m so sad I can’t figure it out! But I read it in my email and it gave me legit goosebumps. I LOVED Anne’s and Phillip’s story so much and could do a whole post on it, but you would probably do a million times better than me! I, like you, am so grateful for the world we live in now and for those that took risks to be with the one they loved. I hope we only keep progressing over the years. 🙂

        1. awww man! I don’t know why I can’t see the comment either! 🙁 Ahh the wonders of technology but yes! I am so deeply grateful that the world is sooo much better than it was then. We still have a ways to go towards full equality BUT we are sooo much closer to it than we were back then and I’m SO happy-truly grateful that we are. <3 <3 It makes me feel so good and hopeful about how our world will be in 10-20-30-and even 40 years from now!

  5. “When you’re careless with other people, you bring ruin upon yourself” is by far my favorite! I don’t get out to the movies much but this is on my must see list and after reading your post I want to see it even more!!

    1. I almost didn’t put that quote in this, but I’m so glad I did! I hope you get to see this movie in theaters!!

  6. I LEGIT CANNOT WAIT to see this movie!! ahh it’s going to be so good! Honestly, I can’t think of any movies that inspire me rn, but that’s because i feel like i’m inspired by all of them in different ways haha i just love movies and tv

    1. I thought of you because I know you love movies and tv just as much as I do (maybe more?! lol), and you’re going to love this feel-good, inspirational, musical masterpiece! Seriously though, it’s just an all around great movie!

  7. I really need to see this! There’s actually a stage musical called Barnum that I was in a few years ago about his life. While being in that show I was very interested in him and read a couple of biographies. So I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this!

    1. That is so cool! I’ve read conflicting stories about Barnum, but at the end of the day, he seemed like a brilliant mind with courage and talent. Hope you love the movie!!

    1. I’ve never listened to a full soundtrack so much! Lol, but yeah it’s just a wonderful feel-good movie! Hope you love it 🙂

  8. I have tried to see this move several times now but each time something comes up! I have been listening to the soundtrack nonstop and am in love. These are all such great quotes! Have a great weekend!

    1. Ah! You must see it in theaters!! If you love the soundtrack, I know you’ll adore the whole movie. They did an amazing job. 🙂

  9. It’s really really a good movie.
    I already watch it a dozen times.
    Just from hearing the song i shed a tears 😭
    (You don’t need the whole world to love you. Just a few good people.)
    I really loveee This quotes from charity 😍

    1. I feel ya!! Charity was a wonderful character in this film. I’ve seen it three times and still get goosebumps, too!

  10. I did see this movie and I absolutely LOVED it!! My favorite quote was “A man’s station is only limited by his imagination.” I literally wrote it down in the dark cause it was so good. It’s something that I need to remind myself of often because I am very aware that when i dream big, I make it happen and yet I often dream small. Then I wonder why grand things haven’t happened.

    I also was soooo inspired by Charity’s disposition and happiness. I relate sooo much to PT Barnum because I’m constantly chasing happiness and approval and it creates more unhappiness instead. So her attitude, really inspired me to evaluate my why. Like “why” do I want the things I want? What am I REALLY searching for? I had a LOT of journaling inspiration after the movie and it helped me to get super clear on areas of my mindset that I need to work on.

    I also was sooo inspired by Zac and Zendaya’s storyline. My boyfriend is biracial and my brother and sister in law are also in a biracial marriage and my niece and nephew are biracial. I also grew up in the South, amongst a lot of White people. I was constantly the only Black friend and I would have crushes on my White friends but they would reject me and tell me that it was Simply because their parents wouldn’t approve. Watching Zac and Zendaya made me soooooooooo incredibly grateful for how far we’ve come. We STILL have issues in our country in regards to race but back in the time of this movie….what they were doing was actually illegal! Can you believe that? Their love was illegal! It’s insanity. So when I watched them and thought to myself….here are two people….who if you looked at their skeleton…you would not see a difference beyond their gender differences….and yet they cannot legally love one another.
    Even when I saw that her and her brother were considered freaks Simply because they had darker skin…. it hurt me to watch. But it also woke me up to realize that I am so blessed to live at a time where most people don’t see me as a freak because I am Black. And they won’t look at my brother and sister in law and outlaw their marriage or harm my niece and nephew. I felt so grateful for being in 2018 and being permitted to love who I want. AND I feel so grateful that all people fought for equal rights so someone like my boyfriend could even exist because a white woman and black man decided to fall in love and take the hard road to create a Family and my boyfriend is alive because of it. But that wouldn’t have happened if people like Zac and Zendaya’s characters didn’t go against the grain and sacrifice their own safety and acceptance so we could be free to love who we want to today.

    It was just such an amazing movie! Very powerful and i recommend it to everyone!

  11. I admit, the previews for this movie have piqued my interest! Seeing Hugh Jackman in such an unusual role – as compared to anything else I’ve seen him in – is especially intriguing. I always enjoy quotes and I also appreciate your interpretation and application of them. I think I especially like this one: “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” Food for thought!

  12. I am actually going to see this movie tomorrow for the THIRD time. I am OBSESSED with this movie. All of these quotes are so true no matter what!

    1. I saw it three times too, and I’m contemplating if I’d be crazy to go a fourth time! Haha it’s just so good in the theaters!!! So glad you share the same slight obsession. 😉

  13. I LOVE this! I just saw The Greatest Showman and the whole time I was wishing I could whip out my phone and write down all of my favorite quotes… so thank you for doing it for me! You’re the best and I’m a HUGE fan of your blog.

    1. Thank you, Coral!!! You seriously just made my day and I’m so happy you felt the same way about The Greatest Showman!!! The second time I went I did exactly that – kept writing everything down in my phone! Haha it’s just such a great movie. I can’t wait for it to be on dvd so I can watch it any time!