9 Rosés to Sip on This Summer

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Almost Friday?! This calls for a toast! Saturday, June 8 is National Rosé Day and I get all giddy inside thinking about my love for rosé. Summertime is the best time for rosé. Personally, I started out as a red wine drinker. I loved Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon before I was old enough to legally order it myself. Then I started adding in some white wines, but I’ve never been a fan of the sweet white wines. I guess it’s because I started with the red wine, right? Who knows. But it took years before I discovered my love for rosé.

Growing up, I only ever saw one pink wine and it was the White Zinfandel my momma would order at fancy family dinners. She wasn’t a big wine drinker back then (but she and Dad are obsessed now). I always associated pink wine with sweet White Zinfandel, so I never really cared to order it. It’s kind of sad to think about how white zin is the ugly step-child of wines now. It was actually a bit of a gateway for the rosé craze.

What is Rosé Wine?

Rosé is, in my opinion, one of the prettiest and tastiest wines out there. How can anyone resist a refreshing pink wine? The color of rosé can range from a soft shade of pink to bold and vibrant hues. When rosé is being made, the color is established by the length of time the grape skins are in contact with the juice. Because the majority of the grapes used to make rosé are red grapes, the contact is usually fairly brief. The flavors of a typical rosé are pretty similar, often described as fruity or citrusy. Rosé is also served chilled which is why it’s the perfect drink for summertime.

Yes Way, Rosé

Somewhere along the way, us Millennials made rosé “cool”. It’s become the go-to wine in the summertime and can have a boujee feel to it. There’s something about warm months and a cool drink in your hand. With the rise of social media and the pressure to create a glamorous highlight reel, people started turning to rose to live out their best wine life. And before you know it, rosé became a lifestyle. It basically became its own brand with products slapping catchy rosé sayings on everything from robes to wrapping paper. Whatever truly triggered the explosion of rosé being great, I’m here for it.

Rosé is easy to drink. That’s probably why people love it by the pool or at brunch. I mean, I’ll drink it morning, noon, and night. Like 11:00am hair appointment? Rosé. Late brunch? Rosé. Happy hour? Rosé. Oh, catching the sunset? Rosé. I think I’m going to pour myself a glass while writing this because.. rosé.

Rosé Run at Target

This post isn’t sponsored by any of the rosés listed and it’s not sponsored by Target (but hit me up, Target, I’m here for you). It’s just written by another Millennial blogger that secretly loves every #basicbitch thing out there, rosé included. Give me “rosé all day”, summertime parties, maybe even a monogrammed wine glass. I’m pretty easy to please. Oh, and did I mention I live less than one mile from Target? Yeah, that’s dangerous. On top of that, the selection of rosés at Target is definitely impressive.

So, what I’m saying is, Target is my go-to for a quick wine run and I’m all about celebrating a day dedicated to any kind of wine. The bottles on this list range from $9.99 to $23.99 in my store, and I love them all. Some might not like dropping $15 on a bottle of wine is ridiculous when you can snag a bottle for $5.99, and that’s fine. Bring that bottle to a house-warming party where you won’t be drinking all of it, but spoil yourself to these rosés during your pool days.

Without further ado, are you ready to see my list of favorites? I hope you answered, yes way rosé.

The Best Summertime Rosés at Target

Bieler RoséThis rosé is a delicious appetizer wine to me. I love having it with shrimp cocktail or a fruit salad. It’s light and refreshing with a subtle acidity. 

House Wine Canned Rosé –  Coming in at 375mL per can, this baby holds half a bottle of wine in one can. I first tried canned wine with Underwood Wines and I surprisingly really loved it. I’m a big fan of Underwood, but their rosé isn’t at my Target. They have a white and a red, but not the rosé. So! I tried the House Wine Rosé. Again, I was totally impressed with the canned wine. I love that I don’t have to worry about glass around the pool and it’s easy to pack up in a cooler for on-the-go.

Charles & Charles Rosé I started drinking this rosé last summer and it’s such a bang for your buck. It’s the wine I bust out when I have girlfriends by the pool. It’s a little bit lighter and dryer with a tart finish.

Kendall-Jackson Rosé – *This one is only in select Super Targets* I’m a little biased because my hubby works for Jackson Family Wines so we always have Kendall-Jackson wines in the house. My hubby described the aromas as “freshly cut watermelon, hibiscus, and apricot”. He says this rosé is one of the easiest wines for food pairings. If you’re looking for rosés at Target and you see this one, grab a few!

Gerard Bertrand Cote Des Rosé I know you’re not supposed to choose a wine because of its bottle, but let’s be honest, we all love a pretty bottle. This one is unique, simple, and delicately perfect for a rosé. I’ve seen it described as “elegant” and having a “fresh and full balance”. 

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Fleurs de Prairie Rosé –  This baby is one of the only rosés on the list that I’ve seen “wildflowers” as a description. It seems fitting for the pretty bottle and delicate flavors of strawberry and herbs. Simply delightful.

Sunseeker RoséOkay, talk about a summertime rosé. The bottle, alone, just screams fun. The “bright and crisp” finish will have you craving warm summer nights.

La Crema Rosé – *This one is only in select Super Targets* A sister wine to Kendall-Jackson, this wine is made from the Pinot Noir grape. Typically the Pinot Noir grape is a dry, red wine, but this rosé is perfect for backyard picnics and the beach. My hubby said it has aromas of mandarin, pink grapefruit, and guava. YUM.

Miraval RoséThis fun rosé was created by the Perrin family along with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It’s the most expensive on the list and one of the most unique bottles. Think fresh flowers and juicy fruit. It’s simply delicious and one of my all-time favorite rosés at Target.

So make your next “Target Run” a “Rosé Run”, too!

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