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The Fitness App That Pays You To Workout

Thank you to Paceline for sponsoring this post! As always, I only work with brands that I learn to know and love. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I swear it seems like more and more brilliant ideas are coming to life these days. I absolutely love being alive during a time where people can sit around and dream about ways to make a difference. Then they get to create it and perfect it, all while making an impact on so many lives. When I found out about Paceline, (it’s literally an app that pays you to workout), I was thrilled to partner up with a company that encourages everyone to live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s been ingrained in so many of us that exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, so we’re putting in the work already. Why not get rewarded for it?! I’ve been so excited about this app that it just made sense to share a little bit more about it on the blog. I’ll go over how it works, some of the common questions, my personal tips, and get you pumped for your next sweat sesh!

Paceline – The App That Pays You to Workout

It kinda seems too good to be true, right?! The guys behind Paceline wanted to find a way to motivate us to stay on top of our fitness. So, they aligned their fitness and financial backgrounds to create a company that rewards us for being active.

We all know moving our body is great, but how much do we need to do it? According to the American Heart Association and World Health Organization, we should be getting a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise spread throughout each week, ideally, spread throughout at least three days. Paceline is based around this simple concept. They developed an app that pays you to workout at least 150 minutes a week, spread throughout at least three days. That’s less than one hour of working out just three times a week.

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Track Your Workouts With Your Fitness Watch.

Most of us, whether casual yogi’s, powerlifting badasses, strong swimmers, social cross-fitters, hardcore runners, or anything in between, have an easy way to track our workouts. If you’re already working out, having a fitness watch is a game-changer for knowing how intense you’re working or how much harder you need to push.

You’ll need a Garmin, Apple Watch, or Fitbit to use the Paceline app. I’ve been wearing a Garmin watch for over a year now (this one is great for triathletes and I love this one for runners), and I love all the good info I get from it, both during and after a workout. You’ll want to be able to keep an eye on your heart rate during your workouts because that’s how Paceline will determine how many minutes you earn towards your goal!

The watch will connect to the Paceline app when you create your profile. Paceline will access your workout data from your watch, adding it to your weekly Paceline goal. This means you still just have one thing to worry about when you begin your workout – hitting “start”. Once you’re signed up with the app, you only have to open the app at least once a week to make sure you’re earning your minutes. After that, keep doing your normal fitness routine and let the weekly rewards start rolling in!

Ok, Let’s Talk Rewards.

Ok, you get it. Workouts = Rewards. But what kiiiind of rewards?! The Paceline app pays you to workout by giving out several weekly reward options. From Amazon, Target, and Starbucks gift cards to exclusive discounts on other great products and donation options, you can choose from a lineup of rewards each week. The more consistent you are with hitting that weekly goal of 150 minutes, the better the rewards will get! That, alone, is so motivating to me. Paceline will keep track of your “weekly streak” and you’ll be able to see how many weeks you’ve consistently hit your goal.

Paceline Tips:

  • If you miss a week, you start your streak over. When I first started using the app, I was heading out on vacation and broke my streak just as I got three weeks in. It was a bummer to start over, but it made me even more committed to sticking to my fitness goals. Now I can’t imagine ruining my streak the higher it goes!
  • My number one tip when starting out with Paceline? Don’t be discouraged by the smaller rewards in the first few weeks! I have to admit, seeing $1 rewards or discounted memberships had me craving more. But it gets better, I promise! So, cruise through those first few weeks (but don’t forget to claim your reward)! Once you hit a 4-week streak, you’ll start seeing bigger and better rewards. This happens again in week 8 and week 12. Keep grinding and it’ll pay off! Literally.
  • One of my favorite reward options is getting to donate the weekly reward. Last week, I had the option to donate my reward to Trees for the Future and it was so satisfying to know that doing my weekly fitness routine helped contribute to a non-profit at no extra cost to me. Sometimes it’s even more rewarding to give back than to receive so kudos to you, Paceline. It’s a brilliant addition to the app!
  • You can connect with friends! Keep track of your friends’ weekly goals on the app, too! Even if you’re not breaking a sweat together, you’ll feel the motivation when you check out their weekly progress. If you have half of the competitive nature that I do, you’ll be wanting to stay on top!
  • You have one week to claim your reward after you hit your weekly goal, so don’t forget to open the app each week. Don’t let the reward go to waste! Make it a habit to check your goal progression and then claim the reward as soon as you hit those 150 minutes.
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What I’ve Learned From Using Paceline:

I’ve Been Inconsistent with My Fitness, But I’m Back Baby!

The truth is, I didn’t realize how inconsistent I was with my workouts until I started using the Paceline app. Throughout the last year, we had so many triathlon races canceled. Group workouts were frowned upon, and my motivation slowly started to dwindle. I honestly didn’t know how many of my own workouts were being “canceled” simply because I didn’t have a race to train for every week. Paceline has helped keep me accountable by spreading out my workouts and making sure I’m getting a solid sweat sesh in, not just a casual evening walk on the beach. I’ve been so much more consistent since downloading Paceline!

I Make Everything a Workout Now.

Beach cruise? I wear my watch. Yard work? I wear my watch. Only have time for a 15 minute HIIT session? I wear my watch. Paceline has made me focus on getting my heart rate up almost every single day. So, even when a beach cruise is for leisure, I find myself pushing a little harder just to elevate my heart rate to add on some minutes to my Paceline goal.

It’s Reminded Me to Move on Vacation More.

I was at a three week streak whenever I headed out on an 11 day vacation. While I still chose relaxing over exercising just a little too much (had to restart my streak), it also encouraged me to just move my body more! I wore my Garmin watch on my hikes through Zion, and I even went for a run while I was in Las Vegas! I just wanted to earn those minutes (and make up for those vacay drinks, ya know?!)

girl hiking in Zion checking watch / Paceline - the app that pays you to workout

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Paceline is One More Thing To Keep Me Motivated.

At the end of the day, it’s all about me vs. me. I just want to be a better version than I was yesterday. Work a little harder. Sweat a little longer. Be a little healthier. When there’s money on the table, it’s even more motivating. I’m pumped to have partnered with such an awesome company!

Whether you’re easing into a new fitness life or a seasoned athlete, there’s absolutely no reason to not have the Paceline app. If you’re moving, getting in the minutes, and breaking a sweat anyway, why not rack up rewards and see your streak grow!? Let me know when you download the app. Send me an email at and we can connect!

Download Paceline Now and Use Referral Code FOX. You’ll earn $5 in rewards as soon as you hit that first weekly goal and redeem your reward!

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