Affordable Gifts for the Home That They’ll Actually Love

I’ve been in my little beachside home for over 4 months now, and I can say it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself since I went through my divorce last year. The independence I’ve gained is liberating. Decorating has become my favorite pastime, like, I’m literally never bored. And I finally feel a sense of security that I hadn’t felt since leaving my old house.

However, along with the cozy nights-in and playing interior decorator, it’s been a lot when I’m home by myself. My boyfriend and I are long-distance so when he’s not here, there’s no one to split the chores with every day. It’s a lot of work, but it’s incredibly satisfying. Now that I’ve settled in and all of my back-ordered furniture is starting to trickle in, I feel like I have a really great grasp on the best gift ideas for the home. After all, between my old house and this house, I’ve received a few things that I never use and several other items that I absolutely adore.

If you’re on the hunt for the best gift ideas for the home, you obviously have to think about who’s receiving the gift. I never feel like there’s a “one size fits all” when it comes to giving gifts. After all, are you giving a gift to your best friend or your grandmother? Maybe your best friend is your grandmother. Regardless, the best gifts for the home are personalized to a personality. You’ll also find that a lot of the gifts on my list can be turned into gift baskets or bundles because, why not?

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The Best Gifts for the Home are the Ones That Keep Giving

When I think of the best gift ideas for the home, I think of items that can be used every day or truly integrated into the home. I also think of how overwhelming it can be to receive items that someone simply doesn’t want or need. Making big gift decisions by purchasing things like furniture, expensive art, or large items can be difficult. So my list falls more into a “useful” category and, hopefully, the person getting the gift will be excited to have a gift that keeps on giving. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than knowing the person will actually use or love the gift that you gave them.

1. House Plant: $10+

Ok, so as more of a “minimalist” in my home and being super picky about the items I choose to decorate with in the home, a house plant was, by far, one of the best gifts I ever received! I was surprised to get a perfectly potted little plant arriving at my doorstep in a box. I wondered how I would ever keep it alive, but it’s been easy peasy to tend to. It’s added this life to the house I didn’t know I needed and turned me into a total plant mom. Since receiving the plant from The Sill, I’ve bought four more house plants and counting. The pop of greenery is the perfect addition to my neutral color palette.

Many house plants are fool-proof to take care of so you don’t have to worry about a friend with a “black thumb”. Consider purchasing a snake plant, succulent, or Pothos plant. While you can always pop into your local nursery or Home Depot for a very affordable small plant, other options that deliver include The Sill (get $10 off with my link), Bloomscape, and Lively Root.

2. Custom Return Address Stamp: $12+

Another fun and surprising gift would be to personalize a stamp for the homeowner! You can find them from places like Vista Print, but I always prefer to support small businesses on Etsy for purchases like this. My girlfriend got me one for my old house and I used it every time I mailed something out. I need one for my new home pronto!

Photo Credit: HappyStampStudio

3. French Press Coffee Maker: $12+

I got an insulated French press from my boyfriend when I moved into my new place and it’s my favorite on slow mornings. The catch is that you might also need to gift a coffee grinder and tea kettle. It’s worth it though. A coffee-themed gift basket can become one of the easiest and best gifts for the home. You can simply add in a bag of coffee beans, a coffee grinder, and a monogrammed coffee mug if you’re purchasing the French press.

4. Stylish Salt & Pepper Shakers: $14+

This can be one of the simplest gifts for the home, but they could literally be used every single day. It’s easily one of the best gifts for the home because they don’t have to be boring and you know the homeowner will use them often! A lot of places have festive salt and pepper shakers like these from Anthropologie or you can get extra stylish with these classics from MacKenzie-Childs. This set from Amazon is another affordable and beautiful option.

5. Customized Front Door Mat: $15+

This is one of the many gifts for the home that I bought myself in my old house. Etsy has such a great variety of small business owners that will personalize in any way you can think of. Doormats can easily be changed out throughout the year and seasons, too. So, if your gift receiver already has a cute doormat, you can buy a seasonal one like my Halloween one!

Original Instagram Photo Here // Etsy Store: GraceGritandFaith
Etsy Shop: justgottalook

6. Diffuser & Essential Oils: $25+

While I’m still a big fan of the soft ambiance of a 3-wick candle, every home could benefit from a diffuser and some top-of-the-line essential oils. A couple of years ago I started using essential oils for everything from stress relief to treating light burns on the skin, and I still love the benefits from pure essential oils.

A friend gifted the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser ($99+) to me when I moved into my new house, and it’s quickly become a gift that I use all of the time. It has incredible reviews on Amazon and I love the sleek style and high quality of it. It’s the perfect size to go anywhere in the home, too. However, if you’re still looking for a more affordable option for the diffuser, I’d go with this one that has great ratings.

7. Yeti Can Insulator: $25+

Sometimes the best gifts for the home can be used outside of the home. Your friend is probably stocked up on wine glasses and champagne flutes. But how are they going to keep all of their backyard BBQ White Claws cold?! A Yeti is a fun splurge to me. I feel like it’s one of those gifts that everyone loves to have, but they don’t necessarily spend their own money on it right away. Purchase the 12oz Slim Can Insulator or keep them hydrated with a 30oz Tumbler. If you’re feeling extra sweet, you can personalize them!

8. Nice Coffee Table Book: $30+

I know I mentioned that I don’t like to overbuy or gift a bunch of things that my friend may not love, but a coffee table book is really versatile in the home. In a world where everything is digital nowadays, a big beautiful book can be appreciated more than ever. It can literally sit on a coffee table or be used on credenzas, bookshelves, or nightstands for decor. I left behind a few coffee table books at my old house and I’ve asked for a couple for Christmas this year!

A coffee table book is a great way to show your friend how well you know them. I love a good travel book, but if your friend loves designer labels, you can splurge on a Dior or Tom Ford book. If your friend loves black and white photography, you can purchase one like this. Maybe your friend has a specific hobby like surfing, rock climbing, or knitting. There’s literally a coffee table book for so many specific subjects.

9. Weighted Blanket: $40+

Ok, this might be my absolute favorite of the gifts to give. I swear I haven’t met anyone that doesn’t love their weighted blanket, especially if they sleep alone often. Plus, in today’s day and age every single person has some kind of anxiety, right? We’re not all sleeping as soundly as we might’ve before a global pandemic, so anything to assist with peaceful sleep is a win. The light pressure on your body from the weighted blanket is proven to give you a better night’s sleep, and I don’t know how I ever slept without it.

I originally purchased one on a whim from Target. I loved it, but the product inside of the blanket didn’t always stay put. For my new house, I purchased the 15lb weighted blanket from Luna, and I’m in love. I’m a hot sleeper, but the blanket never makes me too warm. The stitching allows the product to stay in place and overall, it’s great quality. Weighted blankets can be affordable or a total splurge. If you haven’t tried one yet, you should get one for your friend and yourself. 😉

Girl sitting with weighted blanket and coffee, best gifts for the home, mirror selfie

10. Wine Box Subscription: $40+

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Don’t just show up with a bottle of wine for a gift. Surprise them with one a one-month wine subscription. Most wine subscription companies like First Leaf, Winc, and Naked Wines will send 4-6 bottles of wine. You can usually personalize the box and if your friend loves the box, they can sign up for more months!

11. Mapiful: $45+

I’m a sucker for some good influencer products, and Mapiful is something I first saw on Instagram from another blogger. Now that I’m settled into my NSB home, I know exactly where I want to put a Mapiful poster so I’ll be gifting this to myself this Christmas. They create custom posters of locations, zodiac signs, stars, and other custom options.

Most people feel immense pride in their home. After all, it’s the spot they’ve chosen to lay some roots, even if temporarily. A Mapiful poster of your friend’s town, or the place they fell in love with their partner, is such a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Almost everyone could appreciate showing off their love for the place they choose to call “home”.

Hopefully, you got a few good ideas on here and you’ll feel confident when you go to purchase a gift for the home! And, if nothing else, you could probably use a thing or two from this list for your home. So you do you and make your little home the happiest place to be.

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