wrapped up in a sweater - long distance relationship quotes

18 of the Best Long Distance Relationship Quotes for Lovers

Long distance relationships require a different kind of love, patience, understanding, and effort. I could tell you how hard it is but I could also tell you how beautiful it is. Check out some of my absolute favorite long…

you can leave someone you love

You’re Allowed to Leave a Good Relationship

Over the last two years, I’ve read dozens of blogs, articles, books, and captions to gain some kind of clarity on my situation. After all, how do you leave someone you love and promised to spend your life with?…

Couple on cliff at sunset in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico // I'm Getting Divorced

The End of Our Love Story: I’m Getting Divorced

I’ve realized that sometimes we must embrace the most difficult moments of our lives in order to grow and move past it. We have to face our fears, tackling them head-on, so we can feel the pain and make…