Where to Stay at Disney World: A Weekend at Wilderness Lodge

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 As one of my first posts on The Weekend Fox, I revamped this post a little to make it easier for you to decide if Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a top contender for your Disney vacation.

Disney has over 30 resorts to choose from, which means picking just one could be a little confusing. If you’ve been considering staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge here’s everything you want to read about before booking!


The Resort Vibes

Nestled deep in the old winding moss covered Florida trees near Magic Kingdom, is the coziest resort that will leave you with all the log-cabin vibes of a National Park. You’ll walk into a grand lobby that feels western with its rustic chandeliers and fresh cut wildflowers lining cozy nooks to sit. There’s just something about a fireplace and rocking chairs that make me want to sit down and relax. When we visited, one wing of the resort was undergoing construction for the newest Copper Creek Villas. The noise wasn’t a problem whatsoever and the Copper Creek Villas are now open!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a fun contrast to the Florida lifestyle and the perfect escape for a long weekend. In fact, you wouldn’t have to leave the resort for a few days if you didn’t want to, but I know, you’re at Disney and you have places to be and things to see!

Something To Think About: As much as you may admire the craftsmanship and wooded lake views, you might not feel like you’re in Florida. Of course, Disney has done its job if you feel that way because all of their hotels carry a different theme. However, if you’re from out of state and you are ready to dive into a Florida-feel resort, this may not be your top pick. With that said, Wilderness Lodge also features one of the grandest Christmas trees in their lobby during the holidays. If you’re picturing evenings by a fire and epic holiday décor, I would absolutely recommend this resort for your Christmas trip.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Where to Stay at Disney World, Disney World Resorts, Wilderness Lodge Resort, Weekend at Disney World, #DisneyWorld #DisneyResorts


The Rooms

I love staying at Deluxe Resorts within the Disney World Resort because of the comfortable, cozy, and clean luxury. At the Wilderness Lodge, the rooms carry that Western feel right on through the wooden balcony. The beds were extra comfortable, we used our mini-fridge to chill our red wine, and we had plenty of room in the bathroom to get ready for a theme park day at the same time.

Side Note: It’s kind of rare to be guaranteed a King bed when you make a reservation with Disney. Make sure to ask the desk at check-in what kind of room they have reserved for you. The sooner you try to switch, the better the chances that they can do it. If you end up with two beds, take advantage and spread out or cuddle a little closer.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Where to Stay at Disney World, Disney World Resorts, Wilderness Lodge Resort, Weekend at Disney World, #DisneyWorld #DisneyResorts

Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Where to Stay at Disney World, Disney World Resorts, Wilderness Lodge Resort, Weekend at Disney World, #DisneyWorld #DisneyResorts
Another perk of a Deluxe Resort is getting the balcony space. We love having our own happy hour on the balcony!


The Restaurants

Restaurants located on-property at a resort is always important to us when we stay at Disney World. We want the luxury of digging into a great meal without having to travel far from the comfort and amenities of the resort we’re paying to spend our time. Luckily, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in any of the options at Wilderness Lodge.

Geyser Point Bar & Grill

The views! 😍 Located beyond the pool and along a gorgeous lake, this outside-covered bar also has quick-service food. We split a burger and beer our first afternoon there and loved every bite. The fully stocked bar had televisions, but most people were gazing out to the water and enjoying the perfect weather. Comfortable and casual seating allowed for a unique, quick breakfast one morning. One thing I love about this quick service restaurant is that we simply order at the register and the cast members bring the food to where ever we choose to sit.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Where to Stay at Disney World, Disney World Resorts, Wilderness Lodge Resort, Weekend at Disney World, #DisneyWorld #DisneyResorts

Whispering Canyon Café

This playful restaurant is in the lobby of the resort and caters to the casual diner with a sense of humor. The old western style and sassy servers keep you satisfied whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We chose to have dinner here two mornings and loved the family style options. It’s a great spot to bring kids because it’s louder, entertaining, and food comes out pretty quickly.

Artist Point

This delicious restaurant is now one of my top favorites for Disney Resort dining! Featuring water views, western murals, and a Pacific Northwest menu, it has something for everyone. We treated ourselves to a 5-course meal complete with a wine to match each dish. It was a little pricey for us at $95 per person, but we felt it was worth every penny! The smoked mushroom bisque was a favorite, even with the guy that doesn’t like mushrooms! They also have a dessert that comes with cookies and a blueberry shake! Yes, I always find a way to satisfy my inner-child.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Where to Stay at Disney World, Disney World Resorts, Wilderness Lodge Resort, Weekend at Disney World, #DisneyWorld #DisneyResorts

Disney Resort Perks

Staying at a Disney Resort offers you so much to do beyond the parks. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge has a gorgeous outdoor atmosphere. We snagged some time to relax by the pool, and yes, we went down the slide – 4 times. 😉 With two hot tubs and a kids play area, they offer as much adult time, or kid time, as you prefer. About once per hour, the roaring sounds from the Old-Faithful themed geyser will remind you of the fun National Park theme of this resort.

A 2.5 mile running trail takes you from the lodge over to Disney’s campground, Fort Wilderness. When we headed out for our morning jog, we got to see a few ponies. It’s shaded and quiet, which makes it the perfect swap from the normal chaos of bustling vacationers.

Other Wilderness Lodge amenities include an arcade for kids, bike rentals, movies under the stars, campfire fun with marshmallows, and even fishing/boating options. You’ll feel spoiled with the daily itinerary of things to do right at the resort.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge, Where to Stay at Disney World, Disney World Resorts, Wilderness Lodge Resort, Weekend at Disney World, #DisneyWorld #DisneyResorts

The Weekend Fox Tips:

  • I truly believe Disney goes out of the way to make sure their guests are comfortable, informed, and happy. If you see a resort is undergoing some construction, don’t get scared off. The construction rarely affects any amenities and you typically can receive discounted rates between 15% – 40% off.
  • The Artist Point restaurant has a dress code! Make sure you leave the flip flops and cut-offs in the hotel room and slip on something special. Don’t worry, they know it’s Florida. I wore a spring-styled romper and little white sandals. The hubby had on jeans and a collared short-sleeve shirt.
  • It’s easy to always indulge in comfort food when you’re on vacation. Try healthy swaps, like fruit instead of hash browns, to start the day off right! I promise you won’t feel as guilty about that afternoon beer or sweet treat later in the day.
  • We love bringing our own wine with us on weekend getaways. It allows us to sit outside on the balcony and split a bottle of red before heading to our dinner reservation. With this extra bonding time in the room, we sit together with non-stop conversation or just sip on our wine in silence. It’s little moments like these that make our weekend getaways that much sweeter.
  • A travel size can of bug spray is never a bad idea in Florida! It came in handy on the running trail through the wooded scenery.

Overall, our three day weekend was an amazing stay at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. I can’t wait for the opportunity to stay at the Copper Creek Villas, but until then, we’ll be hopping around to different resorts!


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  1. 10.11.17
    Candy Kage said:

    We had some friends who stayed at the wilderness lodge and loved it. Their entire family went and they said it was perfect.

  2. 10.11.17

    i had friends stay there too and they said it was amazing i def need to go back!

  3. 10.11.17
    Jessica said:

    Looks like you had an amazing time! I have never been to Disney in Florida!

    xo Jessica


  4. 10.11.17
    Leslie Morrison said:

    This looks amazing! I’ll have to make plans to take my son, he would love it!

  5. 10.11.17

    The is the cutest little mountainy-lodge stay! How adorable. Glad you had fun!

  6. 10.11.17

    I’ve never been to any of Disney’s parks or resorts before but this is the one that looks the most inviting to me. Adding it to my bucket list!

  7. 10.11.17
    Corey Wheeland said:

    This looks like such an amazing place. I haven’t been to Disney in years!

  8. 10.11.17

    That looks like so much fun! And I love those adorable pins you showed!

  9. 10.11.17
    Ayanna said:

    These cabins look so cozy and I love that don’t look like your typical Disney lodging. I haven’t taken my daughters to Disney yet, but I would consider staying at the Wilderness lodge.

  10. 10.11.17

    ahh it looks so cozy there! we are actually headed to Epcot this month and I thought of you!!

  11. 10.11.17
    Alyssa Kolsky Hertzig said:

    We stayed at the Polynesian a few months back, but went to dinner at Wilderness Lodge the night before we left. It looked amazing!! We definitely want to try to spend more time there–and maybe even stay there!–next time we go to Disney.

  12. 10.11.17

    This looks like such a fun place to stay-I love the cozy, western vibe it gave off-totally up my alley!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  13. 10.12.17
    Erin Moody said:

    We haven’t stayed at this one yet but it sounds amazing! I really like the sound of that five course meal! We are actually heading down to Epcot Saturday for the food and wine festival!! 🍷

  14. 10.12.17

    I actually haven’t stayed at the main resort (just the cabins a couple times)! Love this resort though – it’s so fun!

  15. 10.12.17
    Thena Reading-Franssen said:

    Looks so fun. I need a getaway, and this would be awesome. I just need to go to Disney, period!

  16. 10.12.17

    What a perfect weekend getaway! Disney is always a fun time!

  17. 10.14.17
    Yolanda said:

    This looks like a great place to stay for next time we go!