A Gift Guide For Your Friend That Has Everything

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It’s that time of year again. It’s wonderful and stressful all wrapped up into one. Holiday commercials began before Halloween and you’re probably being bombarded with an extra 3576546 promotional emails a day. Yet you still have no clue what to get that one person that has everything.

Whether it’s your mother-in-law that insists on receiving “nothing” or your best friend that always has the newest and greatest anything (even before it seems to hit the stores?!), chances are, you’re feeling stuck at some point during the holiday season. What can you possibly purchase that is both something they’ll like and worth your money? I got you.


Donate to a Non-Profit in Their Name

I admit it, I don’t donate to my own favorite non-profits often enough, but when I do, I feel really good. It’s one little way that I can give back to the community, the environment, or the world. Is your friend or family member an animal lover? Donate to the local humane society. Do they love to surf? Donate to Surfrider – a non-profit committed to saving the oceans (personal favorite). Maybe they’re passionate about children’s education. Send in a donation to a local children’s charity.

The truth is, there are so many wonderful (and not so wonderful) charities out there, so taking a little time to research a unique non-profit that reflects your loved one is a way to show you put some thought into the gift, too. I suggest going on www.give.org or www.guidestar.org to research the perfect non-profit. A fun way to “give” the gift is by wrapping up an item from the non-profit. Whether it’s a t-shirt, mug, or just a sticker for their car, it’s something physical for them to receive.

Last year, I gave a gift of a goat in my sister’s name to Heifer International. It provides for families all year long and my sister even teared up! It was nice to give back and let her be a part of it, too.

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Give a Gift Card “Basket”

Opening a gift card can be so impersonal, so I usually hate buying them for my loved ones, but then I think about how much I love getting gift cards as gifts! So, instead of just handing over the gift card, put the gift card in a basket along with other little items that relate to the gift card location.

  • Movie theater gift card? Put it in with some classic, glass-bottled Coca-Colas, movie theater popcorn, and movie theater candy.
  • Starbucks gift card? Pick up a reusable Starbucks coffee cup, some chocolate, and a Starbucks ornament.
  • Target gift card? Throw in a candle, bottle of wine, and magazine.

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Send a Subscription Gift

Subscription services are hot right now, and I have a feeling they’re just going to keep coming up with more and more ideas. I actually found out about Birch Box because my friend purchased a 6 month subscription for my birthday one year. And last year for Christmas, I purchased flowers from Bouqs.com for my Mom. The best part? I could choose how often she received them. That meant my present arrived an additional three times throughout the whole year!

Other great options include 1-3 month subscription for:

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Give Them an Experience

This is probably my favorite gift to give, and to receive. Whether it’s a certificate for a spa day for your Mom, an afternoon playing paintball for your nephew, a brewery tour for your brother, or a white water rafting experience for a couple, there are plenty of awesome ideas. Think about where your friend or loved one lives, and then give the gift of experiencing something right in their hometown. I live in Central Florida, a little south of Daytona Beach, and I can think of several people that would love to spend a day at the NASCAR Racing Experience or a day at Disney World!

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Wishing you all happy and safe holiday shopping! 😉 What’s on this list that you’d love to give or receive?!


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