Home Inspiration: Simple Ways to Add Character to Any Room

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Today’s post is written by Alex from The Berger Bungalow, an Atlanta-based lifestyle blog, & sponsored by Faux Brickwork. After some great feedback from An Easy, Modern & Tropical Table Set Up, I thought another home inspired post would be the perfect follow up for you all. This post may contain affiliate links.


You know how it goes. You move into a home and you have all of these intricate ideas and amazing plans to do to the interior and exterior. Maybe you want to add a fence around your yard, create the perfect sunroom oasis, and replace all of your floorings. Renovating your kitchen and adding a chic wood dining room table would add the perfect amount of character to your home, right?

What you probably didn’t originally consider is the fact that a lot of home renovations take significant hard work, effort, and money. A lot of the time, the work has to be hired out and this skyrockets your bill and empties your wallet. Once you get done with your first project, it is hard to move on to the next because the first one took so much out of you. Of course, you probably think this will not happen to you either. But, if you find yourself in this situation, do not worry about it! Everyone goes through that phase and you come out learning quite a bit about yourself, your house, and your new (more conservative) goals for your next plan(s). Or, maybe you will just save up for your next project.

Either way, between big renovation projects, you can always do some smaller, easier projects. Not only will they add equity and make it more appealing to others, but it will also add character to your home and make it feel more like yours. Here are a few ideas for your next simple addition:


You can add molding to your windows, doors, cabinets, walls, and more. The great thing about molding is that it is pretty easy to do and you can truly transform a room if you do it correctly.

Better Homes and Gardens knows their stuff when it comes to crown molding. They say, “Thankfully, you can dramatically alter your decor by working with much more manageable details: moldings and trim. Along with paint color and window treatments, moldings are a simple way to add style and definition to any room. Crown molding, in particular, bridges the junction between walls and ceiling, a prominent location where the architectural accent can shine. Our directions show you how to install crown molding in just a few easy steps. Home centers offer a variety of premilled molding materials. For the traditionalist, or if you plan to stain the trim, solid-wood trim available in many species is the best choice, albeit a more expensive one. If paint will cover your molding, consider finger-jointed wood, wood composite, or urethane trims to lower costs.

Urethane molding trim offers additional flexibility. It is lighter weight, can be installed with just construction adhesive, and generally allows you to use heftier profiles.

Custom milling can be done by local woodworking shops, but going this route will add quite a bit to your costs, especially if the shop has to custom-design a cutting blade for the profile you want.

Think ornate and layered for more formal or traditional looks. Contemporary styles are best achieved with fewer, simpler profiles.”

home inspiration, molding, home decor, adding character to the home


Wainscot is more of a southern addition, but it adds major character to a home. It’s also relatively easy to do. If you are not familiar with wainscot, it is basically wood paneling. It makes a lot of rooms look very sophisticated, in my opinion, and it definitely adds a sweet, southern charm. Wainscot is traditionally found in dining rooms or formal living rooms, but adding it to small spaces can also make a big impact.

Faux Brick

Have you ever seen a television show or watched a movie and just fell in love with the brick kitchen or brick accent wall? Well, now you can achieve the same look with Faux Brick. Located in Clearwater, Florida, Faux Brickwork provides exceptional authentic looking brickwork to suit any setting. This gives you the look and the feel you want when it comes to brick, but it cuts down on the cost and time that it would normally take to install a brick accent wall. Faux Brickwork uses plaster panels which are lightweight, cost-effective, and easy to install yourself, which is always a nice perk. They have an extensive range of faux brickwork, but if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, their design team can assist and advise on a comprehensive design just for you. 

Faux brick can create the cozy feels of a downtown loft. The bright white faux brick is a beautiful combination with industrial and organic accents. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and add the faux brick to places you wouldn’t normally expect.

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Reclaimed or Faux Wood

I wanted to give you two wood option ideas: reclaimed and faux wood. Just like with Faux Brick, Faux Wood is, most of the time, the cheaper (and easier) option when it comes to renovating a room or adding a touch of style to your home. The great thing about faux wood is that it looks just like real wood. If you plan to add plantation shutters to your home, you can request samples and when you see them, you will be shocked by how authentic the faux wood really looks. Reclaimed wood is also a fantastic option if you are going for a rustic style, which is definitely in-style right now.


One easy, go-to way to add character to your home is by ‘renovating’ your furniture. There are so many different ways to spruce up your furniture and no matter what you want to do, you can definitely find a way to customize it based on your wants and need. From painting a cabinet, adding new cushions to a chair, or switching out the door knobs for new ones, it is a quick and easy way to add character to your home.

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What’s your favorite way to add character to your home?!

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