How to Get Back into Your Healthy Routine After Vacation + Win the Trip of a Lifetime to Italy!

Liberté Blood Orange with Ginger Yogurt // Sweepstakes, Win a Trip to Italy, Healthy Routine Post-Vacation

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First things first, if you just got back from vacation and you’re dealing with post-vacation blues or you’re itching for another getaway, you must enter the Liberté Taste of Italy Sweepstakes! They’re celebrating their limited edition flavor, Italian Blood Orange with Ginger (exclusively at Publix), with the ultimate Italian vacation.

If you’re anything like me, then you love eating your way through new destinations and I can’t think of a better place than Rome, Italy! Imagine yourself twirling pasta around your fork, walking through the city with a gelato in hand, or hitting up all the wine tastings your little heart desires. My mouth is watering just thinking about a trip like this in a place as beautiful as Rome!

Liberté Italy Sweepstakes // Win a Trip to Italy, Blood Orange with Ginger Yogurt

Sweepstakes Details

  • Are food & drink your oxygen? Well, taste explorer, this trip is for you. You and a fellow epicure will not only get the chance to travel to Italy, but also experience a whole new world of flavors, with accommodations that are nothing less than stellar, all courtesy of Liberté.
    • Coach airfare for two to Rome, Italy.
    • Ground transportation between the destination airport and hotel.
    • Five nights’ hotel accommodations – including breakfast.
    • A Private Frascati Wine Tour in the region of Lazio with multiple tastings of premium wines.
    • Lunch at a famous WWII vineyard.
    • $1,000 spending money
    • Must be 21+ to enter
  • After entering the sweepstakes, you will be emailed a coupon for $1 off 3 yogurts! Also after entering the sweepstakes, you’ll get the chance to win one of the ten secondary prizes, a $50 Publix Gift Card, so you can elevate your taste and explore new flavors locally.
  • The winner and their travel companion will be responsible for obtaining valid passports and any other documents necessary for international travel.
  • Click here to enter!

What are you waiting for? Someone is going to win, why not you?!

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Liberté yogurt // win a trip to Italy


How to Get Back into Your Healthy Routine After Vacation

And after all of that food and wine in Italy, you’ll probably need a little extra encouragement getting back into your normal, healthy routine. We’ve been traveling a lot this year. Many of the trips have been less than a week, but sometimes it would take me more than a week to get back into the swing of things! I’ve been implementing different things to get the motivation for a healthy lifestyle to pick back up the moment I’m home. I’m proud to not only kick the post-vacation blues, but also transition right into my routine post-vacay.

Enjoy the Taste of Vacation Without the Guilt

One of the best things about vacation is being adventurous and trying new things. It’s typically where you allow yourself to indulge in delicious foods that you don’t eat on a daily basis, snack your way through the day, and just give in to your cravings.  Trade in your margaritas and desserts for something you can feel good about eating! Whether you’re eating at your desk, on the go, or after a workout, it doesn’t have to be boring. With the brand new Liberté flavor, Italian Blood Orange with Ginger, you can let the taste take you back to the sweet days of vacay. Exclusively sold at Publix, it’s become my daily go-to breakfast or snack.

Food and drink hold some of the most special memories on every trip I take. When I come home and go back to a boring menu, it makes it even harder to stick to it. This whole milk, USDA Organic yogurt uses the finest ingredients from around the world (seriously, they went all the way to the Mediterranean to find the fruit for this flavor), and it’s made with no gelatin, sugar substitutes, or preservatives. 🙌

Getting back into a healthy routine doesn’t have to be dull. Light up the same senses you experience at a new restaurant on vacation and grab yourself this limited edition Italian Blood Orange with Ginger flavor! Don’t forget that you get a coupon when you sign up for the sweepstakes!

Liberté Blood Orange with Ginger // Liberté Italy Sweepstakes

Did you know it’s next to impossible to be photogenic while actually eating yogurt?!


This can be a little bit tricky due to jetlag, but I almost always come back from vacation just kind of drained. The first night back, I let myself sleep as long as my body needs to recover. It’s truly amazing how important sleep is for our mind and bodies, so this is one of the best things to do to get back into the healthy routine. When I feel refreshed, I feel motivated and can jump right back into being productive.

Listen to your body and treat it with care. If you need the extra sleep, then sleep! Investing in a blackout shade is always helpful for jetlag, too.

Keep it Moving

If exercise is your normal routine, get right back into it with a short workout. Even better, workout outside to soak in the vitamin D! But if your desk is calling and work can’t be get put off, set an alarm to stand up every 30 minutes or so.

Personally, I can catch myself going hours at my desk without moving around or even eating. Now, I sit on an exercise ball at my desk so that I’m forced to use some muscles instead of slumping over. Liberté’s yogurt comes in handy, again, because it’s the perfect food to eat right at my desk. The intense aroma and taste of this yogurt is the perfect pick-me-up that feels like I’m still indulging in the delicious tastes of vacation.

Liberté Blood Orange with Ginger

Drink Water

If you’re like me, then the vacation lifestyle may have you drinking more alcohol than usual or enjoying sugary lattes in the middle of the day. And hey, that’s okay! But now that you’re back home, don’t continue the happy hour glass of wine every day. Instead, drink all the water you can! Not only will this help your body detox post-vacay, but it will trigger healthier choices throughout the day. Throw in a little lemon for that extra kick in the detox, too!

Focus On One Thing at a Time

Vacation is usually filled with the “I do what I want when I want,” mentality. You’re allowed to be selfish, splurge, and just be in the moment. Work is typically left behind and your new day-to-day routine is filled with fun. When you come back and get bombarded with emails, laundry, grocery shopping, and more, it can be a lot at once. When you’re bouncing back into the healthy routine of your daily life, make it less overwhelming by focusing on one thing at a time. Give yourself time to upload travel photos and unpack. Then set an hour aside strictly for catching up on work emails. Schedule in your workout for a specific time and stick to it. When you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and when, it makes the transition into your regular healthy routine that much easier.


More than anything, don’t put off getting back into your healthy routine after vacation. The longer you stay in a lazy/vacation mentality, the harder it will be to jump back into it all. Find the balance and treat your mind and body the way it deserves to be treated. 😊

Who would you bring with you to Rome if you won the trip?!


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