Minimalist + Meaningful Travel Souvenirs

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Have you ever purchased another suitcase just to bring home all of your souvenirs and gifts from a vacation? Um, yeah, I have. It’s kind of embarrassing to think about now, but I was 15 and traveled to Australia and New Zealand with a high school group. So obviously, I had to get a t-shirt, boomerang, coffee mug, and key chain for every person listed in my flip phone.

Now, over a decade later, I’m much pickier about the souvenirs I bring home. In fact, if I can’t slide it into a shoe, slip it inside a book, or toss it in my carry-on, I’ll probably pass it up. And while I fully believe personal photos are the only souvenirs you really need, I also like to grab a few physical items that remind me of a special place. Pack light on your next trip and pick up one of the following souvenirs!

Christmas Ornaments

Maybe it’s because I just pulled them all out of their boxes, but ornaments are my favorite! Collecting shot glasses are a thing of the past for us, and the ornaments are in. I try to find the less breakable ornaments so they make it home safely. If you can’t find a shop selling ornaments, take home a coaster from one of the restaurants you visit and turn it into an ornament by punching a whole and adding some ribbon. 🙂

souvenir, minimalist, meaningful, travel, ornament


Never worry about the extra space to pack the souvenir if you can wear it! I’ve purchased handmade necklaces, personalized bracelets, and even just a pretty set of earrings from various vacations. Wearing the piece brings me right back to the day, the place, and the feelings from when I purchased it. I love having a little sliver of vacation with me at all times.

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This little necklace is from Keani Jewelry in Maui, and one of my most favorite souvenirs!


Kind of like shot glasses, I feel like magnets have always been a popular option. The only problem? Our refrigerator turns into a crowded magnetic mess. We typically look for smaller magnets now, and we even switch them out throughout the year so we don’t have dozens of magnets on the side of our refrigerator. Storing some of the magnets in a drawer and trading them out every so often is a fun way to relive the memories of a particular destination.

travel souvenir, magnets, minimalist

Post Cards + Greeting Cards

Just like the 90’s style, post cards are making a comeback, too! And I’m all for it. They’re super cheap, beautiful, and easy to pack/store. To get them home safely, tuck them inside a book that you have with you on the trip. I love finding unique post cards or greeting cards and stocking up on them while I’m traveling. And while I always remember to keep one as a souvenir for myself, I adore sending them out as birthday cards, thank you cards, or simple “hellos” while we’re on vacation. I don’t know what it is that triggers my memory so well, but I can tell you exactly where each card is from and what the store looked like!

travel souvenirs, post cards, greeting cards, travel light


What’s your favorite type of souvenir to collect? Let me know in the comments!



Minimalist and Meaningful Travel Souvenirs
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