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An Easy, Modern & Tropical Table Set Up

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An Easy, Modern & Tropical Table Set Up // tropical table setting, bridal shower theme, baby shower theme, tropical theme, modern and tropical table, bridal shower inspiration #tropical #lifestyleblog

It’s summmmmmmer! And even though it gets hot AF in Florida during the summer, I love it so much. The longer days mean more time to play outside and soak in the sunlight or in my case, salt-water plunge pool. At the beginning of May, I announced that our plunge pool was finally finished and we would be spending more time at home this summer. I’m excited to add some more life and style posts to the blog, and this seemed like the perfect post for National Pineapple Day (it’s a thing).

With our new little outdoor oasis, I have been craving some backyard entertainment. So without breaking the bank, I pulled some of my favorite things together to create a modern and tropical table set up. It would be the perfect table for a summertime cookout, bridal shower, birthday, or any celebration!

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Tropical Table Set Up

Instead of a tablecloth or table runner, I purchased fake tropical leaves (I prefer real ones, but these looked great). You can find them on Amazon and during the summer you can find them at stores like Party City and Dollar General. I’ll keep them in a summertime box so that I can use them for any future tropical table set up or party. After all, tropical vibes will never go out of style. By tucking them into each other on the table, it created more depth, color, and an organic touch. I found another great deal on some flowers. The purple flowers add a pop of color and the yellow ties in the yellow of the pineapples. Go with flowers that are in-season and colorful. I got these for $6 at Publix, but another great option is hitting up a local farmer’s market.

Tropical table set up, outdoor dining set, modern and tropical


Pineapples are in. They’re everywhere and for good reason. Pineapples are attractive, delicious, and give me the ‘aloha’ vibes. The bold, but petite style of a pineapple makes it the perfect option for a table centerpiece. I love decorating in odd numbers because it creates visual interest. It allows the eyes to move around the table instead of just one place. So for less than $9, I got the table’s statement pieces for a steal.

Pineapples are attractive, delicious, and give the 'aloha' vibes, making them the perfect summertime centerpiece.Click To Tweet


Pineapple centerpiece, budget-friendly centerpiece, tropical table set up

Splash of Modern

The bright and happy colors of the tropical leaves, flowers, and pineapples are the main event, but the modern style of the black and white place settings is the perfect compliment for this tropical table set up. I’m a little obsessed with the classic style of black and white anything. Our entire kitchen is black and white with a marble backsplash. Our wedding was black and white with pops of rich pinks and greens. I love that the clean, modern colors don’t go out of style and I can add any colors to a black and white color palette. It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but the bowls sitting on top of the plates are yellow, tying in the pineapples and flowers a little bit more. The yellow bowls help add in the “summer” to the complete set.

The acrylic plates are perfect for outdoor entertaining. The fun, black and white design was found on a whim at Kirkland’s for 60% off, but a classic white plate would work really well, too! The black, round placemats were $2 each at Target and will be used over and over again in our home. Cloth napkins are a little bit of an investment, but I’ve loved using them. Not only are they more eco-friendly than napkins, they end up saving us money in the long run. These simple cloth napkins add the clean and crisp style to the setting. Because of minimal space, I kept it casual with just a fork and knife. I lovelovelove our gold flatware for any party because they add a touch of glam.

Tropical table set up, outdoor dining set, modern and tropical
I love mixing patterns! The bold striped pillow with the tropical leaf outdoor rug is a perfect pairing.

Tropical table set up, outdoor dining set, modern and tropical


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