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An Open Letter to My Girlfriends That Held My Hand Through Heartbreak

To my girls, my soul sisters, my best friends –

This one is for you. Because with your help, I survived the hardest heartaches I’ve ever experienced in my life.

As humans, we are pack animals. We need to feel needed, loved, supported, and important. You girls are my pack, the sisters that I choose every day. Because of you all, I found light in the days that felt too dark to get through.

Over the last year, you were there for me in ways you may not even realize. Every time you let me vent, I felt safe. Every time I said, “I must be crazy” and you said “absolutely not”, I felt validated. You made me laugh when I didn’t think I could crack a smile. I wasn’t judged for outrageous thoughts, ridiculous amounts of tequila, or wanting to stay in and sulk. My life has been a rollercoaster and you jumped on the ride with me instead of watching from the ground.

Over the last year, you each told me all of the things that I had told myself, but somehow hearing them from you, my girls that I love and trust, it meant more. I believed it all with my whole heart.

I trusted you when I couldn’t trust myself.

You girls. You showed the f*ck up for me. Whether it was physically, mentally, or emotionally, you were there when I needed you. On days that I fell apart, you could feel it from afar. And as a team, you slowly put my pieces back together, even if you didn’t realize it. Every text you sent offering to be there for me at the drop of the hat, I know you meant that. Every Facetime, phone call, or message, I got it. I felt you and that was everything. I could breathe easier just knowing you were there at my fingertips.

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You all have lives of your own. You have relationships, homes, pets, children, careers, and so on. You all have daily struggles, ongoing battles, and a rollercoaster of emotions, too. But somehow, you put it all aside when I was falling apart. I know I can talk, like a lot. I overshare details. I overanalyze every little thing. And every time I turned to you, you listened with an open heart and an open mind. You didn’t judge. You only gave love. When my life felt like it was crumbling, you put yours on hold. You didn’t have to, but you did. I am so grateful for that.

I’m surviving the heartbreak because you girls reminded me that I have several soulmates.

Most days, I’m still struggling with a broken heart. However, you all give the kind of love that we’re all searching for in a partner. It’s an unconditional, loyal, authentic, and fierce love. It feels unbreakable and safe. It’s comfortable and exciting, all wrapped up into one. Your love and support continue to ease my pain.  It opens my eyes when everything starts to glaze over, and it reminds me that I’m a whole person without having a man by my side. Because of you, I have several soulmates. How lucky am I?!

You all have my heart.

You fill spaces in my heart that only a girlfriend can do. The respect I have for each one of you is something that can only be built over time. I’ve watched each of you grow and I admire everything you bring to the table. I’ve witnessed you go through your own obstacles and challenges. I love learning from your journeys. More than anything, I love calling you my closest friends.

Recently when I was thanking one of you for just being you and showing up the way you do on a daily basis, you said, “I know if roles were reversed you’d be doing the exact same thing for me.” And yes. I 1000% will always show up for you all. Anything you need, I’m there. Never be afraid to lean on me the way I’ve leaned on you. Even if we’re both falling apart together, we can hold each other up when it feels too heavy to stand on our own. I am one of your biggest fans the way you’ve always been mine.

And I know this won’t be the last heartbreak.

I know my life will come with more hard seasons. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and to love with my whole heart opens up the opportunity for it to be hurt again. I’ll probably have a lot more heartwrenching days throughout my life, yet somehow, I’m more at peace with that now. Because of my friendship with each one of you, I know that I am never truly alone. You each bring something different to the table, and I am confident you will always help guide me in the right direction.

To my girls, my soul sisters, my best friends –

Thank you. Thank you for showing up, for your unconditional love, and for simply being you. I am forever grateful for our bond. The world is a better place with every one of you in it. You bring out the best in me when I feel like I’m at my worst. I appreciate every little way you brighten my day, and I love you more than you know. This one is for you because, without you, I wouldn’t be me.

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