Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Notice

Updated June 8, 2018


This document aims to achieve the following:

  • To explain the way we use information from the visitors of our website to provide our fundamental service, to enhance our customer’s experience, and to perform marketing/advertising campaigns.
  • To define the information we collect with your permission and what we do with it.
  • To provide methods for you to control your information collection by our website, and to contact us if you have questions or requests.

All of the information we collect on our website is to provide our online experience and to provide tailored marketing/advertisement to our audience.


Upon initial visit of our website, you will be notified of our information collection practices, and you’ll have the ability to accept or reject consent. By accepting and by using our website, you are consenting to:

  1. The use of cookies, web beacons, session storage, and other technologies.
  2. The transfer of your information outside of our web servers, and outside of the country you live.
  3. The collection, use, and processing of your information to provide the essential functionality of our website and to provide advertising-related material to our website users.

In each case, you’ll be asked to consent or given the opportunity to decline to the processing of your data by the entities described within this Privacy Policy, including The Weekend Fox (the primary data controller; identifiable below; collectively, “The Weekend Fox”, “we”, “our”, “us”), Google, Disqus, affiliate brands, and other noted third parties. In this Privacy Policy, we indicate ways you can control what data we store and process about you. If you don’t agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, then please do not use our website.

Data We Collect and What We Do With It

Here is a list of the types of information we collect, how it is collected, and what we do with the information:

  • Email Address – our website will present the opportunity for you to provide an email address to sign up to our newsletter. This is a voluntary action and you will always be given the opportunity to cancel your subscription.
  • Disqus Account – Disqus is a web technology platform that allows users of our website to leaves comments on our posts, share the post, upvote/downvote other users’ comments, or to share other users’ comments. Disqus requires you to sign in with a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account. Using Disqus and its features are a voluntary action that are unnecessary to benefit from the core features of our website: reading posts and acquiring information. To learn more about Disqus and their information collection and privacy policies, please visit: Disqus Privacy Policy
  • Affiliate Links and Businesses – throughout our website, you will find affiliate links to 3rd party websites and businesses to purchase products, learn more, or share your experience. The Weekend Fox has partnered with these businesses to provide awareness and advertising support. If you follow one of those links, you will be redirected to the 3rd party business, and your actions on that website will be tracked to provide compensation to The Weekend Fox. We will not be aware of any personally identifiable information in this circumstance. All of your information is gathered, processed, and stored in accordance to the policies of the 3rd party business you have been redirected to. We encourage you to thoroughly review these policies to understand what information they collect and what they do with it.
  • Analytics, marketing, advertising, and retargeting data – this is anonymous information about your website session that helps us understand what products/services you may be interested in, and to provide means of us advertising to our audience in a relevant, tailored fashion. To provide this service, we use cookies, local storage, web beacons, and other analytics technologies by noted 3rd parties.

Cookies, Local Storage, and Web Beacons

Here, we will describe the nature of cookies, local storage, and web beacon technologies and how we use them:

  • Cookies and local storage session data – cookies and local storage sessions are small files stored temporarily on your computer’s hard drive that allow our website to differentiate one visitor from another and to identify basic operational constraints for your visit. The information collected and affiliated with cookies is largely ambiguous and only serves to 1) keep track of your session and what you have recently viewed (and identify your previous session if you come back to our website after short periods of time), 2) save user preference information, 3) to retain your login status, 4) to identify the basic geographic location of your device (based on IP address from your internet service provider),
    and 5) to gather browser technology capabilities. Cookies are necessary for our website to function for you, but it is possible for you to set your browser so that it refuses cookies from our website (and to delete any existing files). Just remember, doing so will drastically limit your ability to use our site.
  • Web beacons and analytics/advertising cookies – this technology sends small pieces of information to third party services to collect and analyze how our website is accessed, used, and performing. We recommend you read their privacy policies to obtain a better understanding on how your personal information will be handled by these providers. Here is a definition of the information collected, where it is sent, and what it is used for:
    • Google Analytics, AdSense, DoubleClick, and AdWords – sends anonymous web traffic data to Google servers for real time and historic analyzing, determines which display advertisements to show users on our website, and keeps track of users web actions to provide relevant advertising across domains. None of the information sent is personally identifiable. Data sent includes 1) URL’s visited, 2) page load time, 3) external links you followed to arrive at our website, 4) search queries you performed to arrive at our website, and 5) non-specific geographic info for your connection. Some of this information is used to remarket, or retarget, our website audience. That means this
      information will track you on our website, Google’s search interface, and other Google-tracked websites on the internet that allows us to promote advertising material (on our website and elsewhere on the internet) to you that is tailored to your usage data. This information will be stored for 50 months. You can prevent Google Analytics
      from using your information by opting out at this link:
    • YouTube – We embed YouTube videos throughout our website(s), by watching these videos you are consenting to YouTube’s privacy policies and YouTube’s collection of information techniques. For more information and to learn more about YouTube’s policies, please visit

Security and Who Has Access to Your Information

We are committed to the protection of our users’ information, and we take serious efforts to securely store and process that data. Our website is set to automatically connect with users’ devices via a secured, HTTPS, protocol. Sensitive information is transmitted with industry acknowledged encryption technologies. We do not keep unessential sensitive
information stored on our servers. No unauthorized 3rd parties have access to your personal data. The Weekend Fox employs third party web development firms to assist with the creation of new website features or to fix problematic website bugs. During necessary times, The Weekend Fox will grant authorized access to the administration of our website and data storage system to allow the 3rd party developers to do their work. In this case, these developers would have limited access to the information our website collects about its visitors; however, the developers will only ever use the information in an anonymous manner for strict feature development, bug fix, diagnostics, or testing purposes (they do not transfer any information off our system).

Transfer of Information to Other Domains and Countries

Our web servers are located in the United States of America. The third party companies that collect and process your information as described within this Policy have servers located around the world. Combined, your personal information may therefore be subject to privacy laws that are different from those in your country of residence. Furthermore, if you are located outside of the USA, your information will be transferred outside of your country. This is especially important to note if you live in the European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, or other worldwide countries that have specialized user information policies.

It is important to note that certain links may redirect you away from our website(s). Upon leaving our website(s) or the redirection to a third-party website or application, you are no longer governed by this Privacy Policy or our Terms of Service. Remember that certain providers may be located in or have facilities that are located in a different jurisdiction than either you or us. If you elect to proceed with a transaction that involves the services of a third-party service provider, then your information may become subject to the laws of the jurisdiction(s) in which that service provider or its facilities are located.

For example, if you are located in the EEA with our servers in the United States, then your personal information may be subject to disclosure under United States of America legislation, including the Patriot Act.


The Weekend Fox and its website is not directed to children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. If you are under this age limit, do not use our website and do not provide any personally identifiable information to us. If you are the parent of a child under 13 and recognize your child provided personal information to The Weekend Fox, please contact us and you may request exercise of your applicable access and deletion of this information that is stored in our domain.

Controlling Your Information Collection, Storage, and Processing

We will outline the various ways you can control what information is stored about you based on the type of information collected:

  • Email subscription data – if you register to receive our newsletter, personal information will be stored about you. This is essential data that must be collected to provide our service. To modify this information, you can contact us to modify the stored records. To revoke your subscription, you can follow the appropriate links provided to you at the bottom of every email The Weekend Fox sends to its audience.
  • Temporary and persistent cookie/session data – Our website deploys a module that provides awareness of our information policies and asks for your consent to these policies for you to continue use of our service. If at any point you’d like to retract your previous selection of cookies, you can delete the stored cookies from within your browser settings. The next time you visit our website, you’ll be prompted with the module again, at which point you may choose your consent selection. Many web browsers provide tools that allow you to control cookie collection and storage. To control your cookie information, research the available tools by your browser or device operating system to learn how you can limit cookie collection and delete stored session data. Please note, by limiting this data collection by our website, major functionality will be removed.
  • Analytics, marketing, advertising, and retargeting data – our advertising partners offer methods to control the tracking of your service usage. Google provides tools to manage the collection of their data at and

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Occasionally, we may make changes to this policy. In such an event, we will make adequate notice of the update so that you will be aware of what information we collect, use, and process.

More Information

For more information about our policies or your data, you may contact us via email (24/7) at to discuss your thoughts with us and/or exercise your rights over your data. For more information about the use of cookies and how to block them, visit, (Europe), or (United States).

Data Controller

The Weekend Fox

Port Orange, FL 32129

Data Protection Officer: Katherine Fox