What Really Changed During the First Year of Marriage

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With full transparency to my audience, I have to edit this post to let you all know that we filed for divorce right after our 3 year anniversary in 2019. It’s been heart-wrenching and an emotional rollercoaster, but there’s no need to erase these memories. Please know that when I wrote posts with my marriage at the center of it, I whole-heartedly felt every word. You can read more about the end of our love story over on this post. As always, thank you for your love and support.

Growing up, I was taught that marriage is a sweet and sacred commitment that is never to be taken lightly. My parents have been married for over 37 years, and I’ve witnessed them love hard, argue hard, and face every challenge in life as a united team. They got married when my mom was still in college. They moved into a small Airstream camper, for their first year of marriage, to make ends meet. It was their first time living together and they experienced all these new “firsts” as a married couple. That was the norm back then.

But now? Now, The Knot reports as many as 76% of couples live together before walking down the aisle. With that, you learn their ticks, their habits, and experience all of those “firsts” before making the commitment of marriage.

When my now-husband and I bought our first home together, we were in no rush to get married. After all, the cohabiting commitment was basically marriage, rightIn fact, Time reports that approximately 25% of Millennials will never get married. Could that be because we’re so comfortable going through life as just a committed couple? When I thought of marriage, it was like “why?”. We’ll be going home to the same home, the same bed, and the same routine, just as we did before marriage.

But I still had desires of a family, and to me, that started with marriage. So eventually, everything fell into place and it felt like the right time to get married. As we approached our dream wedding, I wondered, “what will really change once we’re married?”. Most people told us nothing would change at all, and I believed it.

But I was wrong.

Since I walked down that aisle on November 13, 2016, something huge changed.

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I loved him more.


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It’s not that I didn’t already love him with my whole heart, because I did. I know many couples say they fall more in love with every passing day, and now I get it. It’s the whole “I love you so much it hurts in a good way” kinda thing. I suddenly looked at the man I’d been doing life with for 5 years and realized I loved him with a love I didn’t know existed until we said “I do”. (And yes, I’ve heard this happens all over again when you have a child, but I’m clinging onto this feeling with just him for a moment). 😉

And with all that love, I respect him that much more. I catch myself being kinder, happier, more appreciative, and undeniably loyal. He, alone, is my family. We both have our separate families, and we all became one, but Marc-André is my other half. One day, it will be more than the two of us, but I’ll always remember these sweet moments of being a family of two.

We’ve faced some incredibly challenging moments over the past 365 days, due to outside forces. And looking back at it all, I am so grateful that I had my husband by my side, lifting me up, and pushing me through it all. I know he would have done just the same as my boyfriend, but on my hardest days, I found an intense comfort in being his wife.

Honestly, everything in our relationship changed in the first year of marriage.

It all got stronger.

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So in honor of our one year anniversary, the first of many more, I’m finally sharing our wedding video with the public. It’s such a personal, emotional, and meaningful part of our life, and we’ve always kept it to ourselves and close ones. But what better way to celebrate this beautiful day than by sharing our most magical moments?! I hope you enjoy!

And tell me, did anything change in your first year of marriage?!

What Really Changed During the First Year of Marriage
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