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Katherine Fox - blogger behind The Weekend Fox // Summer 2021

Welcome to The Weekend Fox!

Weekends are the best. Filling them with adventures, little getaways, great escapes, hot dates, and lots of wine is kinda my thing. And The Weekend Fox is here to create a community for all that the weekend lifestyle offers.

I’m all about filling our weekends with fun stories, inspiring ideas, and those sweet little moments that make life unforgettable. It’s not about living for the weekends, it’s about sprinkling a little bit of weekend in our everyday life.

On the blog, you’ll find travel guides for worldwide destinations (maybe you can start with two of my favorites: Sedona, Arizona, or Lucerne, Switzerland). I also fill my corner of the internet with thoughts about everything I’m passionate about. From relationships and self-love to fitness and movie quotes, there’s a little something for everyone.

Oh, and hey! I’m Katherine.
Last name, Fox (does it make sense now?!).

Katherine Fox - blogger behind The Weekend Fox // Summer 2021

I checked off all the boxes for a fairytale life by always chasing the next big milestone until I woke up one day and realized I wasn’t living my life for me. I set off on my own “eat pray love” trip, got divorced at 30, moved in with my parents, and started dating in the middle of a global pandemic.

Along the way, I found myself falling madly in love with a man that I’ve known for years, buying my own little dream home, and most importantly, falling in love with myself.

I’m a proud Floridian and absolutely love beachside living in New Smyrna Beach, but traveling fuels a fire inside of me unlike anything else. The opportunity to travel to more than 30 countries has taught me just how small our little bubbles can be.

The world has so much to offer and I believe the best way to experience it all is by immersing ourselves in the different cultures. I’m busy creating a lifestyle for myself full of freedom and raw happiness. I don’t always do things by the book (anymore), but that’s what makes life fun.