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Like most bride-to-be’s, I stocked up on every wedding magazine available in Target three days after I got engaged. I bought three different wedding planner books, received two as gifts, and still ended up creating a binder filled with all my favorite details. While I’m a sucker for all things wedding, The Knot became my wedding planning Bible. So you can only imagine the thrill, for this newlywed, of getting featured in The Knot Florida! Several months ago, Marc-André and I did a lengthy interview (took us like two hours to fill in the answers, but I’m pretty sure they used a whopping 10 sentences from it, haha) and now the Fall/Winter 2017 edition is out on stands!

If you’re in Central Florida you may not find the magazine in any store because my Mother-in-Law probably already bought them all ( 😛 ), but don’t worry, this post goes into all the details that were featured in The Knot Florida.

Gothic-Glam-Garden Wedding

“What is a “gothic glam garden wedding?!” you might be asking. To me, it’s a combination of an organic setting, moody elements, jewel tone flowers and lush greenery, mixed with a classic black and white pallet. I wanted the “wow” factor while still creating a timeless event.

the knot florida, gothic glam wedding, amelia island

Marc-André actually brought the freshly printed magazine to my work when it was delivered, and I squealed like a little girl receiving a pony on her birthday.

This was a photo from our first-look, two hours before the ceremony. I’m a firm believer in first-looks. The idea of not seeing Marc-André before walking down the aisle was just crazy to me. To throw in a little twist, we did save our first kiss of the day for the ceremony.  Another huge advantage of first-looks? Taking all bridal party and family photos before the ceremony. With the sun setting at 5:30 that evening, we didn’t want to miss out on the natural sunlight. Ninety percent of our photos were taken before I ever walked down the aisle. 

Jewel Tone Flowers

the knot florida, gothic glam wedding

My bouquet was so heavy and thick, it was hard to hold with one hand. Shout out to my sister and Matron of Honor that held my bouquet and hers for the 20 minute ceremony!!

I’m obsessed with what flowers can do to any setting. Flowers bring glamour, romance, personality, and all those good feels to a wedding. Is a wedding even a wedding without a few flowers?! The arbor that opened up to the aisle was dressed with luscious garland tie backs, and it gave it the “garden” touch to the ceremony space.

My bold bouquet with loose stems, jewel tones, and pops of berries, was everything I ever dreamed of, and more.

And can we talk about the centerpiece with blooms overflowing from the acrylic box?! Our florist designed these and they blew me away on our wedding day. It was so unique and exactly the “wow” factor that I loved. They reminded me of my own version of a Beauty and the Beast centerpiece, and we all know how I feel about Disney. 😉 If you don’t, check out our Disney proposal!


the knot florida, gothic glam wedding

Our ceremony space was shaded with large oak trees and Spanish moss (cue, “organic setting”). The ground was covered with pine needles, but we decorated the aisle with hundreds of rose petals. Gold lanterns lined every other seat along the aisle and fresh garland with flowers and ribbon delicately wrapped the tree behind our officiant. Over the bridesmaids dangled three chandeliers (cue, “glam”) from a large limb stretching out from the ceremony tree. 


Details, details, details

the knot florida, gothic glam wedding, the weekend fox

The painted globe with our custom wedding logo (see below for the full list of vendors) was the best souvenir beyond our photos. It was a small touch, that hit on our love of traveling. Today, it sits on a stack of books on our wine credenza for us to admire every single day.

the knot florida, gothic glam wedding, amelia island

Hey, look! That’s an ad for our awesome DJ, Jacob Towe!


The four-tiered cake followed the theme with alternating styles of “half naked” and flecked gold foil. Not being able to decide on just one or two flavors, we had each tier feature a different flavor!

Seating Chart

The custom seating chart incorporated the black and white signage with that same luscious garland draping on the side. Black (and white) were dominate colors in the wedding, starting with the invitations having black envelopes and black wax seals. The entire bridal party dressed in black, we had black chivari chairs, black menus, and a black and white dance floor.

French details

A nod to Marc-Andre’s French-Canadian heritage were the details written in French throughout the day. I finished my vows in French, the seating chart had French written at the top, the table numbers were written in French, and each guest’s menu selection was written in French. No, I don’t speak French, but my hubby is fluent!

the knot florida, gothic glam wedding


Some of the very best photos of the evening weren’t staged, set-up, or planned. They were captured when we were in the middle of the dance floor and only had eyes for each other. Being surrounded by our loved ones was the greatest feeling.

The Weekend Fox Tips:

  • Follow a good timeline! The Knot featured timelines in every single magazine I got and I loved checking off my “to-do’s”. Following a pre-made timeline kept me accountable and organized. It reminded me to do things that weren’t always at the top of my wedding-planning thoughts – like ordering a custom made garter, with time to spare!
  • First-Look Fun: if you have a tradition with your future spouse, kick off the first-look with it! We begin every big adventure with a shot of tequila, so that’s exactly how we started the biggest day of our lives – with a shot of tequila in custom ‘bride’ & ‘groom’ shot glasses!
  • The bride’s bouquet is featured in almost every photo; therefore, I highly recommend splurging on that detail! Even if your flower budget is tight, make sure to spoil yourself with a bouquet worthy of hundreds of photos.
  • Do not plan a wedding in hopes of it being featured in a magazine. While I loved the idea of submitting our wedding to different magazines, I never once made a decision based on what I believed would be good material for a publication. The truth is, bringing in your personality to the wedding is what makes it special. The weddings that stand out the most are the ones that revolve around the love between the couple and the details that show the guests what makes that couple special. We were incredibly honored and excited to be featured in The Knot Florida, but it was never a defining factor in how perfect our wedding day was to us.


Shout Out to the Dream Team:


Are you planning your wedding, or already married?! Let me see your inspiration or wedding photos, because I’ll never stop browsing the beauty that goes into a wedding. 😀

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