The Ultimate Vacation Souvenir: Flytographer

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If you’ve been around here for a little while, then you know that I’m a fan of Flytographer. I have now worked with Flytographer four different times with three photographers. Amanda, in New York City, was so wonderful during a holiday trip with my husband that I had to use her again for our girls getaway in the city. Flytographer has become the one souvenir I know I want from every big vacation. While I still collect my minimalistic souvenirs during our travels, I love bringing home photos that I’m proud to hang on my walls.

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What is Flytographer?

Flytographer was created with the idea that memories are the best souvenir from any vacation, and I simply couldn’t agree more. First launched in 2013, their concept is to connect travelers with the best photographers in over 200 destinations around the world.

Flytographer is for anyone looking to capture really special moments. Whether you’re planning a destination proposal, traveling solo through the streets of Paris, enjoying a bachelorette party in Napa, or having a family reunion in Charleston, there’s a Flytographer photographer for you. Starting with 30-minute sessions for $250, they have several packages to match your needs.

Why Book Flytographer?

More Than Selfies

I first decided to look into Flytographer when we were planning our honeymoon to Maui. Like our wedding, I knew that our honeymoon would be a magical experience. It deserved more than selfies and iPhone photos. We had just spent thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer, why didn’t our honeymoon deserve $350 and an hour of our time?

The photos went way beyond my expectations. We booked our session early on in the trip which meant we got the photos back several days before going home. The rest of our time in Maui was spent soaking in the moment because I no longer worried about capturing the best picture. Wendy had given us the best gift by doing that for us.

And no, not every vacation needs perfectly candid, sweet photos. We’ve had plenty of weekend getaways and fun trips that the selfies and tripod were enough. However, when we save for a vacation for months and plan for weeks, I want to bring home photos worth framing.

Flytographer, Maui, Vacation Photographer, Maui Photo Shoot, Maui Hawaii, Honeymoon in Maui

Photo captured by Wendy for Flytographer in Maui

Simplicity & Ease

Reaching out to Flytographer meant I immediately got my own “concierge”, someone to help with planning the photo shoot details. I’ve worked with Liss on all four photo sessions and she has continued to impress me with her friendliness and quick responses. I always feel like I’m working with a friend. From the very first booking, she made everything seamless and simple. As the “middle woman” between us and the photographers, she narrows down dates, times, and locations with just a few messages.

As the photo session/vacation approaches, Liss connects us with the photographer we selected and we exchange contact information. We’ve never had a hard time contacting our photographer or meeting up with them. Even in the craziness of Times Square.

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Amazing Photographers

Flytographer once commented on an Instagram photo telling me that they hire less than 7% of the photographers that apply to be a Flytographer. Seven. Percent. This means that no matter what photographer I work with on vacation, I can feel confident that they have already hand-selected the best of the best in that city. Our photographer in Iceland, Ernir, had to battle incredibly strong and cold winds, but he still captured such sweet moments from our time in Reykjavik.

Flytographer, Reykjavik, Iceland, Iceland Photographer, Vacation Photographer, Iceland Must Do, Best Vacation Souvenirs #Iceland #Flytographer

Photo captured by Ernir for Flytographer in Reykjavik

Let me tell you the little story about booking a photographer for our family vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Unfortunately, Flytographer doesn’t currently have photographers there so I got to do it all on my own. I took the time to research photographers, compare prices, figure out schedules, and where to meet. I had only a few photographers to choose from, but I booked one and we met with her during our vacation. We spent an hour snapping photos with her, but it just wasn’t fun because she wasn’t having fun. At the same price as a Flytographer, I expected similar results, but that was naïve. Personally, I only liked maybe 2 of the photos she sent us. I felt disappointed and embarrassed that I had suggested this photographer to our family.

Luckily, my family is easy to please and my Mom was simply happy to have photos of all of us together for the first time in years. But in my opinion, I think we would have been better off snapping photos of each other and setting the timer on the tripod. It truly made me appreciate the selective process that Flytographer goes through to hire photographers.

It’s a Good Time

My favorite part about Flytographer sessions? They’re fun! Whether it was exploring the streets of Reykjavik or laughing with my girlfriends in Soho, it was a good time. I’ve never felt cheated out of time from our vacation and I’ve always left the sessions with a ton of energy and excitement.

The photographers are locals and every single one has given us great tips during our shoot. We love taking their restaurant suggestions because they usually know places beyond TripAdvisor’s top ten. The photographers have all been personable, full of information, and genuinely happy to be a part of our vacation experience.

NYC Flytographer, New York City, Girls Getaway, Weekend in NYC, Girls Trip, Vacation Photographer, #NYC #Flytographer

Photo captured by Amanda for Flytographer in NYC

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The Photos Rock

I have done a 30-minute session in New York City, but the other three sessions were 60 minutes each. With a full hour, you have the ability to change clothes and/or location. For instance, during our first shoot in NYC, we started in Times Square, but wanted to get out of the chaos and headed to the Upper West Side with our photographer. In Iceland, we had photos captured inside the Harpa concert hall and outdoors in the city. In Maui, we spent the entire hour on a beach to ourselves. The one thing that all of the sessions had in common? We loved the photos.

Some people have voiced concern for receiving 15 photos from a 30-minute session, but the photographer sends the best 15 photos! Most of the time we receive a few extra photos, but I never expect that. The photos that we’ve received have always gone beyond our expectations. They capture sweet moments in time that a selfie could never compete.

I don’t think I could ever regret investing in photos that remind us of our favorite trips. And as a blogger, it’s really special to have the guy that’s always behind the camera in the photo with me. 😊


Flytographer, NYC Flytographer, New York City Photographer, Vacation Photographer, NYC Must-Do, Capture Memories, #NYC #Flytographer

Photo captured by Amanda for Flytographer in NYC

The Weekend Fox Tips For The Best Flytographer Session

  • Send an inquiry early on in your planning. Some destinations have only one photographer, so you’ll want to make sure you can get on their schedule.
  • Be honest about what kind of photos you expect! I love a mixture of posed and candid photos. If you want a little extra direction from the photographer, let them know.
  • Coordinate your outfits, but don’t get too matchy-matchy. I love adding layers and accessories.
  • Test your outfits. I’ve loved most of my outfits, but I also wore a sweater in Iceland that I had never photographed before. The oversized sweater was cute, but it didn’t photograph well. 😬
  • Be yourself in front of the camera. Let the genuine smile come through and relax. The camera captures it. Marc and I often tell each other corny jokes to get the laughs flowing.
  • Get $25 off by using my link! Or just use code, “KATHERINEFOX” when purchasing your Flytographer session. You get a discount and I get a credit. 😄 If you book a session, send me an email and let me know where you’re going on your vacation!!

Flytographer, Maui, Vacation Photographer, Maui Photo Shoot, Maui Hawaii, Honeymoon in Maui #Maui #Flytographer

Where are you going on your next big vacation?!

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