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5 Easy Ways to Add Your Personality into Your Wedding

I love weddings. I thrive on subtle surprises and sweet details throughout the day and evening. To me, some of the most memorable moments from weddings are the smallest pieces of the big picture.

The best advice I received during our planning process was to not just duplicate a Pinterest wedding. Yes, it may be beautiful and exactly what you’ve envisioned, but it’s already been done, and it doesn’t tell your story. And let’s be honest, everyone’s love story is unique and beautiful. Weddings tend to all follow a similar process, but sprinkling the wedding with a little more you, goes a long way. I fell in love with finding ways to turn regular items into unforgettable details.

So whether you’re having a grand affair or a small dinner party, I’ve pulled together 5 of the easiest ways to add your personality into the best party of your life!


1. Invitations

Invitations are first impressions and set the tone for the entire wedding. Have fun with creating a personalized invitation suite that your guests will be excited to put up on their fridge! For us, our custom invitations were a true labor of love. I actually spent months working with Siuleth from Eleven Note to create an invitation suite that would begin the beauty of our love story.

– Monogram: Siuleth created a custom monogram that ended up being on the invitations and wax seal. I loved it so much, we used it throughout the wedding day. Keep reading to see where I added it to the reception!

– Stamps: Get playful with the outside of the invitation! I fell in love with the stacked stamp trend, and with that, I found stamps that described us and our relationship. Not all invitations were the same, but many of them had vintage Florida stamps, a stamp with a little fox, or even Walt Disney. wedding stamps, wedding invitations, walt disney stamp

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2. Vows

This may seem obvious, but what better way to highlight your love story than to write vows that tell your story? While we had traditional “I do’s” and exchanging of the rings, we also wrote our own vows, complete with inside jokes and powerful promises. My big surprise? Finishing up the vows in French. 😉 Je t’aime, mon amour!wedding vows, florida wedding, organic glam wedding


3. Language

Are you getting married out of the country? Does your grandmother only speak Spanish? Are you a total France-ophile?! If there’s any part of your life or the actual wedding that revolves around another language, this is a beautiful and easy way to personalize several details.

My husband is from Quebec, Canada, but moved to Florida when he was just 9 years old. While English has become his main language, he still speaks French [Canadian] with his parents and family. His aunts, uncles, and cousins have always made the kindest effort to speak English with me, include me in their family, and make me feel comfortable. They were flying down just to be at our wedding, and I wanted to show that we were truly two families becoming one. So we added in French verbiage in the following areas:

 – Seating Chart 

Almost every wedding has a seating chart or display. Add in the charm with the foreign language at the description! Ours translated to “take your seats, please”.

– Table Numbers 

Don’t under estimate the power of table numbers! They don’t even have to be table numbers.  For my sister’s wedding, she labeled each table a different flower, and she actually drew each flower before placing them in gorgeous frames. We had our table numbers written in French, and I loved the way they turned out on the acrylic.

– Entrée Selection

This is such a boring part of a reception table (though, you may not have it if you choose a buffet or stations). So if each guest has their own selection, add it in a different language (and don’t forget to give the servers a heads up!) 😉 Ours were attached to the stem of the champagne flutes.

– Love Quote

This was actually a surprise gift from our planner, but I looooooooved this detail so much. We had a large fireplace in our venue, so she added a canvas with a love quote in French. Um, swooooooon!


These subtle details went a long way. Marc-Andre’s uncle later told my parents, in the sweetest letter, that it meant the world to him to see those French details throughout the evening.

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wedding details, seating chart, champagne flute

french words, french wedding, wedding details
The quote translates to, “The only true language in the world is a kiss”


4. Cocktail Napkins

This is such a small detail with so much to say! We added our love for Disney World (again) onto half the cocktail napkins and then personalized the rest with our custom monogram. Why have plain napkins when you can leave an impression? This is usually a great bang for your buck, too!

cocktail napkins, wedding details, custom napkins


5. Gift Tables

While the gift table might get filled with bags and wrapped boxes, why not have your guests stop and admire something you love? It’s a perfect spot to throw in the random decor that doesn’t necessarily follow the “theme” of the wedding. For us, that was a hand painted globe with our custom monogram to highlight our love for travel. This globe is a statement piece in our home today, and was the perfect accent on our gift table.

wedding details, custom globe, hand painted globe


There are plenty of ways to add in your “couple” personality to your wedding day. Some other great options include:

  • Welcome bags for guests
  • Personalized (and usable) favors for the guests
  • His + Hers signature drinks at the bar
  • Bridal party flash mob/choreographed dance
  • Custom guest book
  • Fun cake topper
  • Dessert bar of your choice (ice cream, donuts, or pie, oh my!)
  • Games during cocktail hour

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How did you/do you plan to customize your wedding to show off your love story?! I might be a little wedding obsessed, so tell me everything!

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    1. Haha, thank you thank you! And I totally agree that our weddings brought us together and I’m SO grateful for that! (Would TWF even exist without you?! Haha) I hope you don’t get sick of wedding posts just yet because the wedding video will be up next week!

  1. Your wedding was a DREAM! So stunning and I love all of your personal touches. My hubby and I wrote our vows, too and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you!!!! I love personal vows because they say so much about the love story between the two.

  2. These are great ideas! Your wedding looks beautiful. When my husband and I got married we wrote our own vows and it is one of my favorite memories of that day.

    1. Thank you so much! And that’s wonderful! At first, I was so scared to write our own vows, but now I’m so grateful we have those very meaningful words that came straight from our own hearts. 🙂

  3. I love these ideas! We are planning a wedding in about a year and looking for ways to do it on a budget but still look beautiful!

  4. Such a beautiful wedding! To infuse our personalities a little into our day, we used family quilts to cover a wagon as our “gift table” & we had the men in the bridal party wear cotton boutonnieres since my husband and I own a farm together. 🙂

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    1. I’m so happy to hear that! Languages are so beautiful. I’m sure you’ll find even more ways to incorporate Spanish!

  5. These ideas are awesome! I never thought about using specific stamps to add my personality to that aspect. But I would like my wedding to have a little bit of a travel theme to it, as I love to travel. And now after reading your post, I think I want to incorporate some Creole/French into it as well – as my family is Haitian!

    1. Aw, yay! That’s awesome and such a great nod to your heritage and family! Travel is such a fun theme for weddings, too. I’ve seen Save the Dates that are like passports for the guests – so cute!

    1. Yes! I love seeing the love story shine through on the smallest details. It’s what a wedding is all about. 😉

  6. I love the different languages and champagne flute idea! And if I could do it all over again, I think I’d totally have buffet stations at my wedding. thanks for sharing these awesome ideas 🙂 So inspiring.

  7. Your wedding looks like it was absolutely beautiful!
    I love the advice in this post. Currently planning a wedding myself and it can be so easy to get stuck in the Pinterest trap! I absolutely love how you incorporated French to make your husband’s family feel comforable. Such a cute idea!

    Darrian |